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Dave Grohl and the Foo fighters are a group of singers who have not only the pedigree but also the credibility to put up a good piece of music together with whatever is needed.

Profile of David Grohl:

Looking at the profile of Dave Grohl   it is seen that he is an all rounder in music abilities he not only writes song, plays the drums but also plays the piano, guitar and a good song writer too.

His profile as a new generation musicians, he was credited for having changed the scene of popular music.  He started off with the band nirvana.

Being a lead singer for the band Foo fighters now he fills the stadium with his baritones meritorious singing, he has won the Grammy award and runs a recoding company of his own .

For being a total non entry in the music world when he started out, today he is one of the wealthiest rock stars. This is to his credit as rock brand and recording companies are slowly receding and the record industry is in crisis.

David Grohl is a man with no mean achievements.   For Grohl his passion for music and his status as a celebrity had to be balanced very carefully. He had to spend time between his band Nirvana and the Foo fighters.

He is very categorical about his passion when he says that,”Nevermind (and Nirvana) is both a gift and a curse to me .For 16 years I’ve had to balance these two things: my love and respect of Nirvana and my love and respect of the Foo Fighters.” He lifts first his right hand then his left and balances the two, the large feathers tattooed on both forearms gently rising and falling. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Nirvana, there’s no question. But I don’t know if I’d be alive if it wasn’t for the Foo Fighters. I try to keep them at a balance that is very respectful of each other.”

Despite this feeling his turnaround as a pop star competing with the new generation contemporary musicians like Michal Jackson and standing by his own merit with very few sponsors is no mean feat .The star belonged to the alternative music scene. It was just that the low sounding music scene was a new genre that was portrayed powerfully by Grohl.

His profile was just that he could succeed even under great tenacity. This came about because of the competition he faced. He had studied his competitors very carefully and could see though every marketing strategy those other bands used.  This enabled the artist to look at   those techniques that could appraise the competitors about how to make Foo Fighters the excellent bands.

His penchant for recognizing the needs of the market and delivering just what was exactly required  made  Grohl look at  bringing in that extra edge to his profile as a lead bander and rock star . He knew that skills at singing and playing the guitar was not the only sure shot at success There had to be devised strategies to cope with success formulas and Grohl knew how to handle it .


The profile of a person from humble beginnings to the most pride of great recognition is the man called Grohl.  He is now synonymous with   new singing and high tenacity to overcome odds.

As is said by a journalist,” Democracy? Or is it a benign dictatorship? “Well, yeah. Show me a band of five people where there’s no leader… I just don’t think it could happen. At the end of the day, it’s my name at the bottom of the cheque.”